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I love creating resources for worship, prayer, discipleship, spiritual formation and mission living. It is often challenging, but very life-giving. At times I would love to have a majority of my job one day to be reading writing, teaching, and developing resources that help people grow deeply in their faith, think theologically, pursue justice, and engage in meaningful acts of worship and prayer. I hope for my resources to be both theological and practical and hope that they meet the criteria above. I share these with you in hopes of helping people grow in their faith.

Covenant Discipleship – Guide For Youth Groups

Discipleship Bible Study

Kingdom Living Bible Study

21 Day Bible and Prayer Challenge

21 Day Challenge – Life of Jesus

21 Day Series – The Gospel of Mark

21 Day Series – Acts and Epistles

21 Day Series – Acts of Justice

21 Day Series – 21 Ways of Prayer

25 Days of Justice (2nd ed.)

Lenten Fasting Challenge

Prayer Immersion

Youth Volunteer 101

Intro to the Bible

Immersed in God – Practicing Our Faith (Confirmation Resource)

Prayer Journey through Church Booklet (if you would like an editable version of this document, let me know)

Prayer Journey Through the Community

Prayer Journey through community and missional guide (expanded) – confirmation

Retreat Journal

Sr. High Retreat Journal 2017

Fall Retreat 2017 Journal

Mission Trip Devotionals

Social Media Guide

Comparison of Faith Statements

Lent Guide for Youth 2018

Youth Worship Night – Order of Worship

YM Prayer Partner Journal

Youth – Missional Project

Youth Ministry Team

Youth Min Proposal 2016-17

2017-18 Youth Ministry Plans

Youth and Family Newsletters
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Holy Madness Guide
holy madness bracket 2016
BracketBracket Bios
Holy Madness Readings