Ministry Bucket List

People often make a bucket list of things they would love to do or experience in life before they die. I often think about my ministry bucket list, which may be super nerdy. Since we spend a large portion of our life working, I truly hope and long for that large portion of my life to be filled with purpose and meaning and making a difference in the lives of others. There are many things I hope to do during my vocational ministry and I hope that list will continue to grow. I have been fortunate to have had an incredible vocational and life journey so far and I hope it can continue. Perhaps I should put as much time as I think about this into planning and thinking about a bucket list for life beyond vocational ministry, but that is a topic for a different conversation.

Some things I would like to do:
Continue studying in theological education – I love learning and love hearing from scholars and theologians. I would love to keep studying theology, especially Wesleyan theology. Wether through certificate programs or other degrees, I would love to keep learning and increasing my understanding of theology and practice of ministry. Plus you get to meet new, incredible people during continuing education. If only money was not an obstacle!

Teach and write – I would love to be able to teach a class/a few classes one day in a seminary setting. I would also love to write: a few books and articles to contribute to all of us trying to figure this ministry thing out. At times, I would love a job where I get to read, write, teach, and journey with people (sounds like being a professor)

Plant a church – This is something I have been contemplating a lot in the past year or so. I know it takes an extroadinary amount of prayer and work, but it keeps gently gnawing at me. I think of the possibilities and beginning new and reaching people who are turned away by the program driven, regular church model. There is a lot I think about with this topic and much I could probably say, but I love to dream of what a church could be. I once did this for a worship paper in seminary when I created a fake church and went overboard with our bulletin. It was life giving to dream and I would love to start a new congregation and see how God could bring it to life

Develop resources – Over the past year one of the most life giving parts of ministry has been developing resources to help people on their spiritual journey take steps towards spiritual growth. I would love to have more time to create resources for spiritual formation, theological engagement, worship design and liturgy, spiritual practices, and practically living out our faith. It would be great to make part of my living developing resources to offer to the wider church. I wish I had more time to devote to them know, but they are very time consuming.

Design creative and experiential worship – I love worship. I love what worship can be. Recently I read a worship book that spoke deeply to my soul and sense of call. It refreshed my view on how important and life-giving worship can and should be. I would love to work on a team to create unique and spirit-filled worship experiences

Travel – this one would be on the ministry and the life bucket list, especially to Israel and to Europe for a Wesley pilgrimage

Be a speaker at a conference – I love teaching and would love to be at a conference and be able to teach and hopefully inspire ideas and hopes for ministry to those who are in ministry

Be an expert at something – not sure if this will ever happen or what I would like to be an expert in. This also doesn’t sound super humble. Maybe it’s really a desire to be strongly confident in something, but at the end of the day, who doesn’t want to be an expert in wha they are passionate about?

Help continue theological education – I love theological eduction and want to see it flourish. I believe it is so important and I find it life-giving. I would love to be apart of theological eduction as it seeks to teach and inspire generations of ministry leaders in the world.

Connect churches to non-profits and community groups – I would love to see the church more connected to the community, especially groups and non-profits who serve those in the community. We shouldn’t separate ourselves but join together to care for those in need and to provide care to the care-givers

Run a website that offers writings, resources, and thoughts on the church, worship, spiritual formation and theology. Also it would be awesome to create and publish a monthly magazine that offers articles and resources on theology and ministry

Start a non-profit that cares for and journey’s with homeless and runaway teens

Be an advocate and activist – for all of justice! And to help local churches use their voice to advocate for God’s concern for those neglected and oppressed

Be ordained – Ordination services have always been some of the most powerful worship services I have been to. Being ordained would be an incredible honor and I hope in the words of possessing Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) that I may be considered worthy.

I am confident that more will be added to this as I continue my ministry and life.

At times I don’t think I would like to do any of these full time, but would love to combine them and somehow do several of them at once to create full time work. I get bored doing the same thing every day of every week. I also realize some of this is kind of generic, but that’s ok because these are things I would love to do, but have no idea how I would imagine them to unfold. We shall see how this all turns out