The Character(s) of the Pastor

As is true of most people, I love TV. And I love TV characters who inspire me to be a better pastor. Here are my most favorite characters in TV shows who have traits and qualities that I hope to continue to cultivate in myself. None of these characters are perfect, as none of us are, but they push me to be more faithful.

Leslie Knope (Parks and Rec)
Leslie is tenacious, devoted, loyal, faithful, passionate, a planner, and a dreamer. She pushes people to be their best and loves her work with all of who she is. She believes deeply in their purpose of her work. She never settles and she loves binders, as do I!

Dr. Richard Webber (Grey’s Anatomy)
Chief Webber is the best. Not only is he funny, but he is an incredible teacher and mentor. He has trained and shaped many people to become excellent surgeons. I would love to have his wisdom and gifts of teaching not only people in the congregation, but maybe one day being able to teach and train pastors.

Chris Traeger (Parks and Rec)
Chris has the best pastoral presence of anyone. He is so devoted and caring to the individual in front of him. He is a great inspirer, emphatic listener, and embodiment of pastoral care. He believes in people and pulls out the best in them.

Phil Dunphy
Phil is someone I easily relate too. He is goofy, passionate about things that most around him are not, and not many people laugh at his jokes! He is loving, kind, and not afraid to be himself. He is a great dad, husband, and friend and he is hilarious! Plus he wrote his own book, which is one of my dreams!

Dwight Schrute (The Office)
Dwight is one of my all time favorite characters in TV. But he is harder to find good pastoral qualities. (What I found hilarious about him are oppositely qualities of a pastor). I will give him this though, he is dedicated and believes that there is unlimited possibility for his company. Though our methods would vary widely, I appreciate his commitment to help Dunder Mifflin (for us, the church), to be its best self, and most faithful to its purpose. Dwight is also deeply loyal, and values loyalty; you wouldn’t have to question his commitment to the church.

If you combined these five people, you would sure get an interesting pastor, haha!


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